It is Important That You Buy Only Certified Diamonds with highest integrity.

At Heer Jewels,  we assure you 100%  genuine jewellery, by getting it certified by one of the most reputed certification houses like GLI.

A diamond has so many characteristics which affects its value that there is a need for independent body to correctly record them and communicate it to the customers. If any diamond is incorrectly labeled , it could greatly reduce or ‘bump’ its value.

A certification house lists all the characteristics of a diamond after carefully inspecting them in their labs by trained gemologists. These characteristics are noted on a uniquely identified report which comes along with all the diamond jewellery you purchase from us.

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We Introduce ourselves as a well established trading business house with diverse business interests. We have developed our core competence in the field of precious birth stones and diamond jewellery We at Nandlal D Sons Jewellers, have been providing you with Precious birth stones and diamond jewellery for Since 1962.

Nandlal D Sons jewellers, has been the leading jewellers in precious birth stones and diamond jewellery for over forty years. With word of our quality and workmanship travelling across India and abroad, we continue to craft exclusive diamond jewellery from enchanting, unique designs that adorn the aristocrats of the modern world.

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