Elegant Diamond Pendants : Design Number : PE007

Elegant Diamond Pendants : Design Number : PE007

We use the following Diamonds and Color Stones in this Jewellery:

Diamond Category 1 Weight (Ct) 1.63
Rate (per Ct) 0
Quality H-I
Diamond Category 2 Weight (Ct) 0.129
Rate (per Ct) 30000
Quality H-I


Color Stone Category 1 Weight (Ct) 0.0
Rate (per Ct) 0.0
Color Stone Category 2 Weight (Ct) 0.0
Rate (per Ct) 0.0
SKU: Design Number : PE007 Category:


Elegant Diamond Pendants : Design Number : PE007

More information about Elegant Diamond Pendants :

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  • Color Stone Charges : Nil
  • Applicable VAT : 1%
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About Elegant Diamond Pendants

These are items accepted to have enchanted or otherworldly energy to shield the wearer from threat or disperse detestable impacts. Like a special necklace, a talisman is an item accepted to have powerful attributes. 

In any case, while an ornament is entirely a guarded item, a talisman is intended to present uncommon advantages or controls upon the wearer. A memento is a little question that opens to uncover a space which serves to hold a little protest, normally a photo. They commonly come as a pendant swinging from a jewelry, however they will periodically be swung from an appeal wrist trinket. An emblem is frequently a coin-molded bit of metal worn as a pendant around the neck or stuck onto dress. These are by and large allowed as recompenses, acknowledgments, or religious gifts.
Elegant Diamond Pendants : Design Number : PE007

All through the ages, pendants have arrived in an assortment of structures to fill an assortment of needs. In spite of the fact that ornaments come in numerous structures, a wearable special necklace worn around the neck or on the arm or leg as a pendant is the most widely recognized.

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