Diamond Ladies Earrings : Design Number : ER0010

Diamond Ladies Earrings : Design Number : ER0010

We use the following Diamonds and Color Stones in this Jewellery:

Diamond Category 1 Weight (Ct) 1.32
Rate (per Ct) 30000
Quality H-I
Diamond Category 2 Weight (Ct) 0.14
Rate (per Ct) 40000
Quality H-I


Color Stone Category 1 Weight (Ct) 0.00
Rate (per Ct) 0
Color Stone Category 2 Weight (Ct) 0.00
Rate (per Ct) 0
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Diamond Ladies Earrings : Design Number : ER0010

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About Diamond Ladies Earrings

The whole gadget is held together by strain between the wire and the tube. Other loop outlines don’t finish the circle, however enter through the ear in a post, utilizing the same connection strategies that apply to stud hoops.

A variety is the ceaseless loop hoop. In this outline, the hoop is developed of a ceaseless bit of strong metal, which infiltrates through the ear and can be turned very nearly 360°. One of the closures is for all time appended to a little bit of metallic tubing or an empty metallic dot. The flip side is embedded into the tubing or dab, and is held set up by strain. One unique kind of band stud is the sleeper hoop, a round wire ordinarily made of gold, with a width of around one centimeter.
Diamond Ladies Earrings : Design Number : ER0010

In India, almost all Hindu young ladies and a few young men get their ears pierced in the religious function known as Kharnavedha before they are around 5 years of age. Newborn children might get their ears pierced as ahead of schedule as a few days after their introduction to the world.

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