Beautiful Diamond Pendants : Design Number : PE006

Beautiful Diamond Pendants : Design Number : PE006

We use the following Diamonds and Color Stones in this Jewellery:

Diamond Category 1 Weight (Ct) 4.67
Rate (per Ct) 0
Quality H-I
Diamond Category 2 Weight (Ct) 0.18
Rate (per Ct) 30000
Quality H-I


Color Stone Category 1 Weight (Ct) 0.0
Rate (per Ct) 0.0
Color Stone Category 2 Weight (Ct) 0.0
Rate (per Ct) 0.0
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Beautiful Diamond Pendants : Design Number : PE006

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  • Color Stone Charges : Nil
  • Applicable VAT : 1%
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About Beautiful Diamond Pendants

The word pendant gets from the Latin word “pendere”, and Old French word “pendre”, both of which make an interpretation of “to hang down”. It comes as a free hanging bit of gems, by and large connected by a little circle to an accessory, which may be known as a “pendant necklace”.

A pendant hoop is a stud with a piece hanging down. In advanced French “pendant” is the gerund type of “hanging” (additionally signifying “amid”). One of the most punctual sorts of substantial decoration is a pendant, (a hanging adornment, as a hoop or the primary piece suspended from a jewelry.) Primeval man jumped at the chance to put a minor opening in a wonderful shake and slip a string generally made of grass or vine so it could be stayed nearby the neck.
Beautiful Diamond Pendants : Design Number : PE006

All through the ages, pendants have arrived in an assortment of structures to fill an assortment of needs. In spite of the fact that ornaments come in numerous structures, a wearable special necklace worn around the neck or on the arm or leg as a pendant is the most widely recognized.

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